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passivation paste

Stainless steel wash passivation paste&n

product: Stainless steel wash passivation paste (clear) ste
product information:

Product details:

The product was a white paste, the paste material of high stability , is a stable paste , does not decompose precipitation, free of sulfur , chlorine ion content are strictly controlled , to clear black stainless steel weld region residues \ oxide. bright white area of the weld , the matrix does not produce excessive corrosion.

A Features and uses:

The products are widely used in shipbuilding, petrochemical, pharmaceutical , paper, food , Ⅰ - Ⅲ pressure vessels such as stainless steel components, welding , hammering , collision damage or processed at high temperature to produce a brown or tan oxide ( rust ) clearance , making it bright silver light , and form a dense complete passivation film , pickling and passivation step one with excellent functionality.

Operation process is simple , convenient construction, saving time and effort . Treated stainless steel surface finish, stability, significantly improved corrosion resistance and prolong life , improve the added value of products .

Two use:

1 Before using welding slag and oil shall be cleaned , and then paste evenly brushing passivated stainless steel surfaces and welds , coating thickness 1-2mm, solder coating slightly thicker . Keep at room temperature for 1-3 hours to wash , clean welding place, serious heat-affected zone can use stainless steel wire brush to clean . General weld stainless steel surface and scrub with cotton again, all clean, rinse , rinse the surface of stainless steel parts to ensure that no residual traces , otherwise it will affect the surface appearance.

2 . For the hot head or heat member surface oxide coating of about 2mm , stranded After 5-10 hours , generally brush with a wire brush , and then rubbing the yarn or yarns repeated times , all clean, washed with water , to ensure stainless steel surface rinse, no residue marks, otherwise it will affect the surface appearance.

Second, the effect:

A beautiful silver-white uniform surface to improve the surface quality .

2 stainless steel pickling and passivation paste for welded joints resistance to intergranular corrosion is safe.

3 improves the corrosion resistance of stainless steel , passivation film break potential than untreated can be increased by several hundred millivolts

Third, pay attention :

A pickling and passivation paste job must outdoors or in a well-ventilated indoors.

2 pickling operator must wear protective gear before labor to operate strictly prohibited pickling and passivation paste in contact with skin . Such as inadvertently , immediately rinse with water .

3 pickling passivation treatment containers and tools used should be acid corrosion of stainless steel or plastic . For a variety of stainless steel weldments and use of the equipment, are non- contact with carbon steel .

4 pickling and passivation paste to someone kept under safe custody , to be stored away from heat , treated residues and waste water must be promptly lime or calcium carbide paste and treated to prevent environmental pollution.

5 Do not operate in strong sunlight , to prevent the stainless steel pickling and passivation paste dried , affecting passivation effect .

Fourth, transportation , storage , packaging,

1 Packaging: plastic drum (40kg / drum , 20kg / box )

2 Storage: gently , do not squeeze too heavy . Stored in a dry and ventilated environment .

3 Shelf life: from the date of shipment from the factory for two years .

Fifth, the product is suitable for stainless steel models:


, 321,347,384,385, XM7, 631,661,670,671,680,685,690. Duplex stainless steel surface treatment



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