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passivation paste

Stainless steel pickling liquid purifica

product: Stainless steel pickling liquid purificationHC-320
product information:

Purification of stainless steel pickling liquid (HC-320)
English name : passivation of stainless steel
Alias ​​: Stainless steel pickling liquid purification purified liquid steel pickling liquid purification liquid purification
A . Technical Specifications
Item Unit Index
Appearance colorless or light yellow transparent liquid
Density of 1.3 ± 0.05
GB4472-84 (PH value ) ≤ 2
Free acidity Point 8.5 * 102
Total acidity 1.50 * 102 points
GB0368-93 ( chloride content ) MG / mg 25-100
Passivation film thickness AO 100-600
Since the corrosion potential (EC) MV / SCE +202
Hole corrosion potential (Eb) MV / SEB +492
GB4334-84 ( pickling effect ) silver white , no rust
Etching the passivation film microscopy no rust , no hole
Detection means use international steel blue liquid detection point detection

Two . Features and Uses
A passivation : Metal by oxidizing medium treatment, the corrosion rate than the original untreated before significant decline of the phenomenon known as metal purification. Mechanism of the passivation film can be used to explain the theory , i.e. that the passivated metal and oxidizing the role of the media , the role of the metal surface when the formation of a very thin , dense , covers good performance , can be rigidly attached to the metal a passivation film on the surface . This film exists as a separate phase , which is usually oxygen and metal compounds . It plays the metal and corrosive media, the role of completely separated , preventing direct contact with the metal and corrosive media , so that the metal basically stopped dissolved to form a passive state to achieve the effect of preventing corrosion .
2, the application range:
This product is mainly applicable to bulk large output and convenience soaked small and medium stainless steel workpiece ( workpiece volume of less than 3 cubic meters or less is recommended , smaller quantities greater than 3 m3 or recommend the use of stainless steel passivation paste , and the effect is equivalent ) as screws, small furniture , food machinery , digital electrical parts , metal parts , etc.

III. Product Use
1 , soak into the passivation solution , dope use . Recommend soaking for 5-60 minutes, if the oxide layer is thicker, more dirt when appropriate extension of time , we recommend 10-20 minutes in summer , in winter 30-50 minutes. ( New potions just use passivation time not too long , you should take a short time ) the time required for users according to their degree of control of their own color . Room temperature, the liquid is slowly changing color from colorless to green , is a normal reaction .
2 , with the increase in the number passivation , passivation effect will gradually weaken , then you can add a new look inside a little syrup or a corresponding extension of passivation time ( specifically how long the color from the surface of the workpiece cleanliness situation mastered ) If the passivation extended one hour or more, recommended updates new liquid.
3, PH value should be controlled in two or less, more than two should replenish new fluid. Decontamination waste residue and floats go , and then add new fluid adjust the PH value of 2 may continue to be used.
4 , the product is liquid at room temperature, consider the characteristics of our northern climate , the winter temperature should be maintained when using more than 15 degrees Celsius.
5 , can not use well water rinse cleaning , rinse with tap water may not have residual surface .
Four . Storage and packaging
1, the product during storage, loading and unloading , referring SH/TO164 proceed. Maximum temperature should not exceed 75 degrees Celsius, if the long-term preservation , the maximum temperature should not exceed 45 degrees Celsius. This product is no burning, no explosion, there is weak corrosive , environmentally friendly.
2, 25kg / barrel and 200 kg plastic drums , as a general chemical transport.
3, the shelf life of three years.


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