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Stainless steel pickling passivation sol

product: Stainless steel pickling passivation solution
product information:

Product details:

Stainless steel products factory , must be done in pickling and passivation of stainless steel thermal processing ( such as welding, casting and bending, pressing , etc. ) formed during the oxidation of skin, you must use the " pickling passivation solution " for pickling blunt technology . Make the entire product surface passivation film , get the best corrosion state , extended equipment life. Stainless steel cleaning and passivation pickling passivation solution to two processes into one ( so called combo ) , the reform of the traditional pickling passivation process , greatly improve labor productivity. Pickling passivation solution not to join sulfides and oxides , which require a higher corrosion resistance of stainless steel is to be emphasized .
Product performance:
Stainless steel pickling passivation solution is a new material ( also known as stainless steel wash ) , the product is a liquid watery , descaling and passivation of stainless steel , and effects are the same as stainless steel pickling and passivation paste . Used to clear the area of black stainless steel weld residues \ oxide. Bright white area of the weld , the matrix does not produce excessive corrosion. Stainless steel cleaning passivation solution is very easy to use and operation , the operation greatly reduced the labor intensity and in full , any occasion to operate, which for large equipment and on-site installation, and dissimilar metal welded stainless steel pickling passivation particular device feel safer and easier. use pickling pickling passivation passivation solution , does not require specialized equipment and venues, no heating equipment and energy, the operation does not require skilled workers , so with the provincial workers, save time and energy features.
Main purpose:
Widely used in chemical, food , printing, aviation and other industries , stainless steel mechanical equipment, pressure vessels, engineering components , stainless steel small parts, non-standard parts , stainless steel pipes , stainless steel surface oxide removal and passivation. Stainless steel can improve the appearance and increase its resistance to corrosion. May be small pieces or large area cleaning, no smoke , indoor and outdoor operation. Scrub, spray and immersion can , soak the best results. Stainless steel can also rust . Beautiful silver-white uniform surface for optimal corrosion status, extended equipment life. Stainless steel salt spray test up to 72 hours or more.
How to use:
With direct immersion pickling tank , use a stainless steel pickling passivation solution product intrusive , if the conditions can also be slightly heated solution , the better , the general temperature invaded 20-40 minutes is appropriate , such as more thicker oxide the pickling time may be extended , then nylon brush to rust. Washed discharge slops , rinse with water , such as in a poorly ventilated containers is carried out , it must send oxygen into the air , the operator offers the best protective equipment . This passivation high performance requirements , can be an appropriate extension of time when pickling passivation . Stainless steel surface oil is higher , it must first be degreased , so you can improve the pickling passivation effect, and can extend the life of pickling passivation solution .
Such as stainless steel immersed in a large pool of poor equipment can be continuous pickling rust on the device back and forth with a rag or brush immersed in acid lotion , do not kill , after about 20 minutes, then cotton and nylon brush to corrosion, rinse with water .
1, this product is not suitable for stainless steel polishing , the electroplating nickel, chrome , stainless steel bright mirror plate used .
2, to avoid direct contact with skin , wash with plenty of water inadvertently .
3 , dressed appliance should be stainless steel or plastic .
4 , stored in a cool , ventilated, dry place.
Products suitable for use in stainless steel model:
321,347,384,385, XM7, 631,661,670,671,680,685,690. Duplex stainless steel pickling and tons of other surface treatment .
Wastewater treatment:
After cleaning the stainless steel surface , the emission of acid solution , to protect the environment , make the user will waste collection in the pool , and then with lime , carbon sodium ( soda ) , sodium hydroxide and the PH value 7 ~ 8:00 emissions.



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