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Stainless steel wash passivation solutio

product: Stainless steel wash passivation solution (light)
product information:

Product details:

Stainless steel exterior with white surface, the surface will place a long time due to natural changes in the environment, or the new stainless steel machining process, the occurrence of pollution, rust classes. Stainless steel cleaning passivation solution (Bright) does not hurt to use after cleaning the surface and can form a protective film. While ensuring the stainless steel parts to maintain the original gloss, and increase the brightness of the stainless steel.
Product performance:
Stainless steel pickling passivation solution (Bright, integrated foreign technology production, suitable for small pieces of soaked), is a new material, the product was gel-like liquid water. Reach pickling passivation of the whole process while ensuring stainless steel parts to maintain the original gloss and increase the brightness of stainless steel.
Main purpose:
Widely applicable for stainless steel polishing, the electroplating of nickel, chrome, stainless steel bright mirror plate used. Stainless steel small parts, non-standard parts, stainless steel pipes, stainless steel surface dirty, descaling and passivation. Stainless steel can also rust. Uniform appearance of stainless steel bright surface, get the best corrosion state and prolong life.
How to use:
With direct immersion pickling tank, stainless steel products when used invasive cleaning passivation solution, the general temperature invaded 20-40 minutes is appropriate. Washed discharge slops, rinse with water. Stainless steel surface oil is higher, it must first be degreased, so you can improve the pickling passivation effect, and can extend the life of pickling passivation solution.
1, to avoid direct contact with skin, wash with plenty of water inadvertently.
2, dressed appliance should be stainless steel or plastic.
3, stored in a cool, ventilated, dry place.
Wastewater treatment:
After cleaning the stainless steel surface, the emission of acid solution, to protect the environment, make the user will waste collection in the pool, and then with lime, carbon sodium (soda), sodium hydroxide and the PH value 7 ~ 8:00 emissions.



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