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Medicinal aluminum foil VC heat sea

product: Medicinal aluminum foil VC heat sealing glue water
product information:

Name: Water-based VC pharmaceutical foil sealing glue

No.: HC-411

     Made from a special acrylic monomer aqueous resin sealing glue, the glue fine particle size light odor, no VOC problem troubles, gravure coating method good leveling of the usual fast-drying water-based glue, non-stick coating , exceptionally strong adhesion to aluminum foil, aluminum foil and PVC blister primarily for sealing, aluminum foil and paper sealing, heat sealing, or other needs occasions (dielectric film such as a passport security seal), heat-sealing strength can reach or exceed currently the level of solvent-based glue sealing, is the current solvent-based adhesive sealing the ideal alternative, and consistent with national food, pharmaceutical industry hygiene requirements.

A. Key Indicators
Appearance: light yellow translucent liquid
Solid content: 25 ± 1%
Viscosity (25 ℃ Tu # 4 cup): 40 ± 2S
Foil Adhesion: 3M adhesive tape pull off the aluminum layer is not

Second, use the recommended
Stir before using paint coating directly on the machine, if you want to dilute available ethanol: water (2:1) dilution, the proposed amount of wet coating 8-10g / ㎡ metal roller coating, dry weight 2-2.5g / m can be;
Drying temperature 80-180 ℃, speed: specific length to combine coater oven, bake temperature dependent;
Recommend sealing temperature 150-200 ℃, the higher the temperature the better the seal strength;
After the end of production of water mixed with alcohol solvent cleaning anilox roller and trough, net roller dry and then use ketone, ester solvent cleaning;

III. Packaging and storage
50kg, 180kg plastic drum, storage is in a cool, dry place, shelf life of six months.

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