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Copper passivation liquid cleaning

product: Copper passivation liquid cleaning
product information:

Main purpose: Clear the brass surface stains and discoloration; fully passivated to enhance corrosion resistance, processing, the overall color uniform, golden brown.
Second, the performance characteristics: soak at room temperature, easy to use.
Third, use: This product is the working fluid; small parts soak for about 0.5-1 minutes; bulky soaked dirt circumstances can be extended, generally no more than two minutes; finished soaking, remove with a 5% aqueous ammonia solution , rinse, dry, or dry, in order to maintain long-term results, please use the "copper liquid cuticle" closed protection.
Copper rust cleaning fluid
Uses: used to clear the surface of the copper red rust, patina, a variety of spots, black color layer of dirt, restore the original luster of copper status, especially for a variety of machined copper cleaning, and finally to product surfaces clean and bright as ever. For a variety of copper.
Features: degreasing, rust, stain one step, simple, fast, high efficiency, small metal substrate corrosion, corrosion rate, the process is no mist.
Usage: 1, the liquid used, the part immersed in the solution, at room temperature (15 to 25 degrees) for 2 to 10 minutes or more (the material, dirt and processing requirements), in order to improve stain removal, color layers and speed of rust, can be used in the process tool such as brush scrub the surface to the surface stain, discoloration layer, rust completely cleaned up, and then rinse the surface with water. Initial use or not yet experienced, definitely try a small satisfaction after heavy use. 2, after the above treatment of the copper surface of the part is easy to change color, to maintain the original color for a long time, it must be treated against discoloration.

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