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Company Profile


Anhui Hong Chang Plastics Additives Co., located in the Yangtze River, known as the " land of plenty" Wandong Pearl ----- Tianchang , Anhui, known as Dongdaemun is known, on three sides by the city surrounded by five counties in Jiangsu Province , is Yangtze River Delta economic zone important production base for supporting the processing industry , the East according to the beautiful " bamboo best Western office, Huai Left " Yangzhou City , south of the ancient city with a history and culture of the Six Dynasties ------ Nanjing , there are Nanjing Jiangbei portal , says that rather day intercity high-speed rail project will be 2014 Youth Olympic Games in Nanjing before the official opening of the west, with the highway and 205 national Road , north ------ Xuyi lobster capital , logistics can be hair all over the country , transport facilities, the development of enterprises provides a unique advantage.
       My company since its inception , has been committed through the Institute of Chemical extensive long-term in-depth cooperation , keep an open mind to peer learning and exchange , now has a collection of research . Development of production and sales as one of the manufacturer , the three series of " everlasting Hong Chang " brand of environmentally friendly products , all through the IS09001/2000 quality management system and IS014001 environmental management system , as well as the SDS detection with high quality and ensure customer win-win principle , and services to micro products , presented in front of customers . Products sold throughout the country and exported to Europe and Taiwan Province of China and Russia and other regions and India, Indonesia , Korea , Vietnam and other Southeast Asian region , the majority of users.
One , Plastics Additives Series: widely used in plastics, rubber additives series : Widely used in plastics , rubber, tires , profiles , PVC pipe, sheet metal , leather, coatings, paints, paper, oil , and magnetic materials industry , its four propyl titanate catalyst can be used in the polymer industry and infiltration titanium , tetrabutyl titanate ester exchange reaction is used , the coating can improve the thermal performance, improved coating, rubber and plastic viscosity of the metal surface attached , but also for the condensation catalyst , crosslinking agents .
Second, the packaging and printing new material: widely used in tobacco , pharmaceutical, and electronics industries , mainly for pharmaceutical packaging , beverage and food packaging , tobacco packaging, decorative materials aluminum foil , aluminum foil container coating, foil aviation lunch boxes , electronic products, etc. areas for domestic aluminum foil and aluminized other industries to provide a variety of high-quality set of new material , with excellent cost performance , the development of new products is the customer a good partner , excellent reliable quality and reasonable prices , good service has been recognized by our customers as partners to create new market space and new opportunities ! Our mission is : to make foil printing becomes more convenient and reliable ; make more colorful aluminum deep-processing products , as a collaborator to create greater value !

Third, stainless steel passivation Series: widely used in petroleum , chemical, marine pipeline . Pharmaceuticals . Papermaking Food . I-III class pressure vessel , stainless steel screws, small furniture , digital electrical parts , metal parts , etc. , the effect can be more than foreign similar products (AVESTA), reached the international advanced level, first , to solve the so far no international Corrodkote right to adopt a clear red furnace or other high-temperature heat treatment processing , leaving the stainless steel container closed top part thick oxide on the surface of the skin . The second solution used since the domestic stainless steel pickling and passivation process traditional two "combined " and " step to" major reforms.
    Our company also set up under the Anhui Hong Chang Instrument Co., Ltd. , Hong Chang Cleaning Technology Co., Ltd , Hong Chang Toy Garments Co., Ltd. , expanding the " everlasting Hong Chang ," the new force , we will focus on the work , solidly on the development of new products and services for the Group greater development of the company's future and lay a solid foundation , companies thrive in the trust and support of new and old friends , " everlasting Hong Chang ," adhering to the " confidence comes from quality, professional win the trust ," the purpose of " quality of survival , integrity development, "and " truth-seeking , pragmatic, hardworking and efficient "business philosophy, strictly to good quality , control operating costs , to achieve customer 's interests are better protected , and strive in the fierce market competition in an invincible unbeaten land.
  " Hong Chang " people warmly welcome new and old friends to visit. Guidance. Approached ! Willing to work with industry friends extensive exchanges and work together towards a better tomorrow !
   " Hong Chang " will work with you to create brilliant ! ! !